Monday, June 11, 2018

Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Job

Choosing the right contractor for your home improvement job is extremely important.  If you don’t choose wisely it could cost you more in the end financially as well as not being happy with the work that was performed. McCarrell Landscape Construction, LLC strives in making our customers yards their own personal resort.  Here are a few steps in helping you choose the right contractor and how we stand up to the test.  

1.      Is your contractor registered in the state that you want your work done in? 
·       We are a registered contractor in the states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
2.      Is your contractor insured?
·       By law a registered contractor must carry insurance.  If they don’t and something happens to your property or worse yet someone gets hurt while the work is being done; then you as the customer would pay for the incident.  We have general liability insurance as well as workman’s compensation.  Always ask your contractor to see their insurance certificate.  Please don’t hesitate to ask to see ours!
3.      Did you sign a contract between you and your contractor?
·       By law a registered contractor must have contracts for all jobs that they perform.  We have legally binding contracts for each job that has the customers information, pertinent job information, schedule of the timeline for work to be performed and the job costs.  A contract protects you as the customer as well as us the contractor.  Make sure your contractor sits down with you and explains the contract in full detail as well so there are no hidden surprises.
4.      How much experience does your contractor have?  Ask for a referral sheet.
·       We have over 20 years experience in the industry and please don’t hesitate to ask to see our referral sheet or a list of testimonials.
5.      Does your contractor have open lines of communication with you at all times?  Will they go the extra mile for you? 
·       You will never have to guess when something is being done.  You will not need to worry about what is happening and when; with using us as your contractor.  You have your own daily responsibilities with work and family.  Leave everything to us to organize and handle.  We will keep you updated as we go.  If your job needs permits from your local municipality or your job requires stamped professional engineered drawings, we will take care of that too!
6.      Ask your contractor if they do cleanup after the job is complete or are you responsible for that?
·       When we leave; your yard will be clean and ready for your family to enjoy.  No cleanup will be necessary on your part.  No trash, yard damage from equipment or a muddy driveway or street will be left behind.


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Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Job

Choosing the right contractor for your home improvement job is extremely important.   If you don’t choose wisely it could cost you m...